October Fun

I love going to a pumpkin patch every year, and usually a corn maze too! This year we decided to try another smaller farm out. I love the smaller farms, because they are usually more low key, but still with all the fun points we love!

header-for-webWe went to Green Acres in West Weber this year. It’s located at 449 S 4700 W.

It was a lot of fun!! I absolutely loved it! They had a pumpkin patch, corn maze with or without being haunted, a super large slide, a petting zoo, corn kernal box, hay ride around the farm, large bouncer, food and more!!

I had to try their famous APPLE FRIES! They were delicious!! They are apples cut into fry shape and deep fried, then sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, then you dip them in Bavarian Cream…. wowza!! They are good. It’s worth going there just for that!

The kids had a blast! And it wasn’t bad priced either! Win win win.

37.jpgThen of course Halloween! A favorite around here with kids! We used to live in a neighborhood in West Haven where there were a million kids (I’m not kidding) and I’d go through bags and bags of candy. It was so much fun! But this summer we moved out to Hooper. Like waaaaaay out to Hooper. We are in a neighborhood where the houses aren’t very close together. So there weren’t many kids out and about and we only gave away a box of regular sized candy bars… but that’s the thing. The candy my kids got out here was awesome and all the people were SOOOO excited to have them come trick or treat! They all mentioned how much they loved seeing them and loved having them come to their homes! The people out here are so kind, in my humble “I live out here” opinion. Totally different experience than the neighborhood in West Haven, but just as fun! What great communities there are!!

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